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Equity Release - Your Solution to Limited Resources

If you are a homeowner that is over the age of 55 and have limited resources, there is a solution for you. You can unlock cash that is tied up in your property and use it any way that you see fit so that you can enjoy your retirement. 

Here at Elderly Lakeland – People Development is to provide you with guidance and assistance throughout your equity release process. Our goal is to make sure that you get a complete understanding of the different options that are available and that you choose a plan that is safe, easy, flexible and suitable to all of your needs. 

We invest time and effort into fully understanding your personal needs and requirements and based on that, we recommend the best equity release deals available on the market. We can guarantee you the best equity release deals because of our relationship with the equity release providers that we work with who provide us with low rates.


Why Choose Elderly Lakeland - People Development  

  Our staff consists of some of the leading equity release advisers in the UK that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and provide FREE non-obligation consultation in your home.   Our equity release advice is independent. This means that if a specific plan or provider is not right for you, we will tell you and will give you advice on finding what you really need.
Our no-sale no-fee makes it very easy for you to use our services without having to make any upfront payments. You only pay us if we have helped you to successfully choose a plan. We will be at your side every step of the process and will make sure that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the process so that you can follow every step.

Equity Release - Choose the Right Plan

There are several different types of equity release plans available. It is important that you choose the plan that will best meet your needs. We can help you to determine which plan is best for you.

Lifetime Mortgage

Release money from your property while maintaining 100% ownership and not having to make any payments until you pass away or move into long term care.


Interest Only 

Exactly like the lifetime mortgage with the exception that you will have to make the interest payments while you are alive.


Drawdown Lifetime 

Release money from your property only when you need it and how much you need.


Home Reversion Plan

Sell your property for cash but still be allowed to live in it.


Equity Release - Get an Estimate

We understand that you would like to have an indication of how much money you can release from your property before you make a decision. With our equity release calculator which is very simple and easy to use, you can find out how much money is tied up in your property and how much of it can be release. By filling in some simple details you can get an instant quote with the amount that you can release.

Happy Client

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I am truly enjoying the cash benefits of my equity release scheme. To be honest, I had expected that the application process would be lengthy and filled with lots of paperwork but I was quite impressed with the effective, efficient and sensitive manner in which you processed my application.  
Michael J. Phillips

Happy Client

Use the form below to get into contact with us for additional information.

I would definitely recommend your service to my peers looking to raise finance. Thank you for taking the time to explain all the details of the different plans and for helping us to choose the plan that met our needs perfectly.
William A. Pogue